Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hotel California Solo - divided into 25 Licks with groupings

This post is based on the following Hotel California guitar solo
lesson on Youtube:

The solo above is conveniently broken down into 25 licks for easy
learning (thanks for sharing).

For my own personal learning which I find very helpful to myself (and
seeing it may also be of help to others), I have made the following
groupings so that it's easier for me to remember the sequence of
licks... ...

... ...and therefore act as aide-memoire which then facilitate faster
play on the Hotel California solo:

Lick Groupings (12 groups total):

Group A:

Group B:

Group C:

Group D:
7-8 ---> prolonged vibratto

Group E:
9 --> oooOOOoooT (fancy long slide)

Group F:
10-11 --> oooOOOoooT, ending at harmonics 12-11-10-9th fret B string

Group G:
12 --> oooOOOoooT (fancy long slide), 14th fret start
13-14 --> almost identical

Group H:
15 --> ending at the 11th fret at HIGH note

Group I:
16 --> ti---ni-nit-tit---tit-tit---ti-ni-nit (at 12th fret)

Group J:
17 --> start at the harmonics on 15th fret

Group K:
19 --> lick before the start of outro

Group L:
20-25 --> outro

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