Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Top 10 Music Artists with Most Albums Sold

This list of the top 10 best-selling music artists/musicians in the world is not based on claims, rumors, or figures from websites with inflated numbers for promotional purposes and other sales talking and marketing schemes. These figures are based on total certified unit sales of albums, singles, music videos, and digital downloads. The number of albums sold is an important factor in measuring how successful music artists are in terms of their sales. Success of musicians, per se, has many considerations and areas to account for. Therefore, this ranking is based solely on the total worldwide certified sales of music artists' musical works. Numbers from the certified units of sales are rounded off. These are from unbiased online databases and trusted music industry associations. Conflicts of interest (sales promotions, marketing intentions) are out of the topic. Truth is better than false accounts. Note that in the course of time, this list and the ranks of top 10 music artists will change. For example, Pink Floyd and Celine Dion has only 1 million difference, or another music artist might surpass AC/DC and take the number 10 spot.

Top 10 Music Artists with Most Albums Sold: (based on certified sales)

1. The Beatles - 250 million
2. Elvis Presley - 204 million
3. Michael Jackson - 160 million
4. Madonna - 158 million
5. Elton John - 153 million
6. Led Zeppelin - 134 million
7. Mariah Carey - 119 million
8. Celine Dion - 112 million
9. Pink Floyd - 111 million
10. AC/DC - 100 million      

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